Melléknév fokozás

“Than” is usually usually used after the comparative adjective.
Egy szótagú szavak után -er-t teszünk
(-er is added to the end of a 1-syllable adjective)
  • cold – colder
  • small – smaller
  • tall – taller
  • The winter is colder than the summer.
  • The green hat is smaller than the yellow hat.
  • Most basketball players are taller than me.
Kétszótagú szavak után, ha a szó -y-ra végződik, szintén -er
(-er is added to the end of an adjective with 2 syllables, if the word ends in -y.)
  • early – earlier
  • happy – happier
  • crazy – crazier
  • I came home earlier than my sister.
  • I am happier now than 1 year ago.
  • My friend is crazier than me.
Ha a szó kétszótagú és nem y-ra végződik more-t használunk!(“more” is used for words that have 2 syllables, if the word doesn’t end in -y.
adjectives that end in -y, change the -y to i and add -ed)
  • honest – more honest
  • difficult- more difficult
  • modern – more modern
  • The policeman are more honest than criminals.
  • The last test was more difficult than the test today.
  • Our generation is more modern, than our parents generation
“More”-t használunk, ha  a szó két szótagnál több.
(“more is used for words that have 3 or more syllables)
  • expensive – more expensive
  • difficult – more difficult
  • comfortable – more comfortable
“e” betűre végződő szavakhoz, csak “r” betűt adunk.
(adjectives that end in -e, only -r is added to end of the adjective)
  • nice -nicer
  • safe -safer
adjective that end in a consonant, vowel, consonant – the last consonant is doubled
  • big -bigger
  • fat- fatter
  • hot -hotter
  • My house is bigger than, my sisters house.
  • My sister is fatter than me.
  • The summer is hotter than the winter.

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