Future Continous – Folyamatos jövő

  1. Folyamatos cselekvés a jövőben (to emphasize an action or an event that will be in progress at sometime in the future.)
    • Next week we will be sking in the mountains.
    • Tomorrow my parents are coming to visit out new house.
  2. Tervezett cselekvés a jövőre nézve (The future continues tense is used for events or activity’s that are planned for a future time.)

Positive Sentences

Subject + AuxiliaryVerb “Will” + Auxiliary Verb “to be” + Main Verb + Continue the Sentence
I, We, They, You, He, She, It
Plural Nouns
Singular Nouns
Uncountable Nouns
+ will + be + verb + -ing +


  1. I will be at that party on Monday night.
  2. You will be working for the next few days.
  3. The children will be starting school next week.
  4. My mother will be coming to the States next month.
  5. The storm will be coming soon.

Negative Sentences

Subject + Auxiliary Verb “will” + Auxiliary Verb “to be” + Not Main Verb + Continue the Sentence
I ,We, They,  You, He, She, It
Plural Nouns Singular Nouns Uncountable Nouns
+ will + be + not verb + -ing + 1


  1. I will not be coming to work next week.
  2. I am on vacation.
  3. You will not be singing in the concert.
  4. The buses will not be running on Sunday, they are going on strike.
  5. My sister will not be going to Paris this summer.
  6. The wind will not be getting any stronger the storm is over.


Auxiliary Verb “will” + Subject + Auxiliary Verb “to be” + Main Verb + Continue the Sentence
Will + I, we, they, you,  he, she, it
plural nouns
singular nouns
uncountable nouns
+ be + verb + -ing + 1


  1. Will I be working this weekend?
  2. Will you be singing at the wedding tonight?
  3. Will we be sleeping in the hotel or at grandma’s house?
  4. Will the dog be coming with us on the trip?
  5. Will your sister be calling us from England this week?
  6. Will the snow be stopping today?

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